ETAMAX is the name of GAE's uncompromising bass horn construction. It makes it possible to reproduce extremely low frequencies with low distortion and high levels. Most modern simulation programs and elaborate model cases are the basis for the optimized horn contour and its convolution. With the help of the rear housing chamber the parameters of the 18"-driver are exactly adjusted to the acoustic conditions of the pressure chamber and the sound guidance. The radiation resistance thus generated puts an ideal load on the driver and generates a frequency range that is extended far down without disturbing resonances.

By coupling several ETAMAX horns, this effect is increased even further, resulting in a large horn construction whose tonal and performance characteristics are second to none. Clean, powerful and with a clear directivity, the ETAMAX produces the low frequency range. It is especially suitable to support far-reaching sound reinforcement systems (like the GAE WaveLine) in the bass range.

The special economy of this bass horn construction becomes obvious especially with large sound reinforcement tasks, as the usual number of powerful bass amplifiers can be reduced noticeably. Extremely economical is the operation of an "ideal" 30 Hz horn (6 ETAMAX) with a terminal impedance of 2 x 2.7 Ohm at a suitable 2-channel power amplifier. Since the complex parts of the impedance are almost dissolved, such an application forms a perfect working resistance for the power amplifier.
The tribute payable for these special characteristics of the ETAMAX construction lies in its size. However, the ingenious positioning of the 10 grip shells makes handling easier. Aluminium locking pins in the lid and base of the housing near the rear panel ensure a secure stacking construction. The enclosure is made of high-quality birch multiplex. The enclosure is sealed with black textured paint as standard. Surfaces in other RAL tones are of course available. The front of the loudspeaker and the driver components built into it are protected by a sturdy metal grille, which is opaquely covered with acoustic foam from the inside.
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