GAE System 10 CX-TM

The System 10CX-TM is a 10" bass-reflex 2-way coaxial speaker system with 90° radial sound dispersion and integrated passive crossover. Due to the shape of its housing, the speaker is suitable as a stage monitor as well as a full-range speaker for vertical or horizontal use. The used loudspeaker chassis and crossover components are designed for high performance requirements. Heavy-duty voice coils with large diameters ensure maximum operational reliability. The tweeter system is additionally protected by an integrated two-stage maintenance-free protective circuit.
The System 10CX-TM is suitable for professional sound, speech and music reproduction at a high level. The extended frequency response in the bass range enables full-range applications. A well-balanced amplitude and flat phase frequency response as well as the axisymmetrical circular radiation pattern ensure a particularly high resistance to feedback. The cabinet is equipped with an angle-correcting M8 threaded mount on each side face to mount the corresponding vertical bracket (UB10/v), also equipped with an M10 threaded mount on each cover face, and with 2 M8 threads on the rear for attaching eyebolts for interception. On the bottom surface a stand flange is mounted, which can be exchanged for an M10 threaded plate for the use of the horizontal bracket UB10/h. Two Neutrik Speakon NL4 are available as connections, which are connected according to the circuit diagram on the connection panel.
Features in the overview

  • Compact loudspeaker system for full range applications
  • Excellent for medium throw and delay applications
  • Multifunctional housing with a monitor setting angle of 45
  • Extensive optional mounting material
  • Extremely stable housing design
  • 90° radial radiation
  • Housing colour of your choice - standard is black according to RAL9005