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The Company

In 1990 the companies opal Sound Repro and Musikbetrieb merged into opal audio vertrieb GmbH. Till then both predecessors had been working for about 10 years on the conceptual design and production of high-quality audio-products: opal Sound Repro in the field of sound reinforcement systems and passive crossovers, Musikbetrieb on the development of up to date signal-processors. Both enterprises developed and produced OEM-items by order of well-known pro audio manufacturers and users.

Consequently opal audio vertrieb combined the knowledge and the many years of experience of its predecessors to form a new product-generation: GAE.

Stocktaking of the professional audio-market as well as increased quality-demands of the customers required modifications of the established audio-systems. The audience’s habits gradually had accustomed to the high level of modern HiFi-technique. The sound-quality of the home-environment was claimed to be experienced as well when visiting a concert.

It goes without saying that these claims concerned as well the stage. The artists’ increased demands on monitor-speakers focused the company’s attention stronger on the improvement of monitor-systems. As a result with GAE monitor-systems and front-of-house-systems for the acoustic irradiation of audiences are treated equally. Both ranges of application benefit from the proposition of the highest sound-perfection achievable.

GAE declares its belief in the philosophy of maximum employment-economy at an optimal quality. Each GAE-product is developed utilizing all technical resources available thereby targeting at an economically reasonable application. This way the divide between conventional passive-solutions, complex multi-way active equipment for professional sound reinforcement and optically reserved installation-systems is bridged.

In the beginning of the year 2018 the brand GAE was handed over from the opal audio vertrieb GmbH to the new founded German Audio Engineering GmbH. Service, manufacturing and development will be continued in the new headquater in Hamburg.


    Production of active and passive high-performance technology
    Utilization of top-quality speaker-components
    Uncritical impedance responses
    High dynamics
    Utmost attention to sound-fidelity
    High operational safety by various protection limiters which do not restrict the operation
    High finish-quality and serial uniformity by crafting in small series with multiple final inspections
    Mechanically highly stable and elaborated solutions

User’s advantages

    Large variety of components which can be easily combined
    Economic modes with passive-filtered components
    Quick application and highest performance by setup data bases for digital signal-controllers for active and passive GAE-systems
    Utmost reliability of the systems
    Of lasting value




1990: Foundation of opal audio vertrieb GmbH seated in Spenge.

1991: Serial production of GAE modular-I: Breakthrough concerning the acceptance of passive high-performance crossovers in the


1993: Relocation to Werther/Westfalia into more generous accommodations which became necessary due to an enlargement of the

         production- and administration-capacities in the course of international cooperation and an increased product acceptance.

1995: GAE-ProStage-Monitors set new benchmarks on stage: efficiency, assertiveness and the exceptionally high audibility form

         the basis of a bestseller.

1996: Access to digital signal-processing thereby factoring FIR-filter-technology into the audio-signal-processing.

1998: GAE-Director-Series is launched, a new standard in performance and dispersion of professional speaker-systems is defined.

2000: Access to the development and production of new technologies in the range of optical wave-guide-multicore-systems.

2002: Development of the High Efficiency Crossover Design: all-pass-filtered and time-aligning passive crossovers in the

         GAE-System-Series for higher flexibility and tonal adaptation, material to the superior installation sector.

2003: Concentration on the development of loudspeaker systems, spin-off of the wave-guide-multicore project, initiation of the

         conceptual design of a line-array-system.

2005: Development and evaluation of the prototype of the GAE-Director-Line-Array-System.

2006: GAE-Director-Waveline-System reaches maturity phase, BGV-C1-certification of the flight-mechanics.

2009: GAE-Director-Waveline-PT-System reaches maturity phase, BGV-C1-certification of the flight-mechanics.

2018: GAE is handed over to the new German Audio Engineering GmbH