DAL S15N | DAL i15N


S15N-90: Live Sound Loudspeaker Touring
  • large format, vertical converted Loudspeaker for touring an concert systems
  • controlled dispersion down to 400Hz due to horn loaded cone transducer
  • high power 15-inch N/Dym cone transducer with 4-inch voice coil
  • 2 of 1,4-inch N/Dym Hi-Driver with 3” Voice Coil on proprietary wave formers
  • (hxv) 90°x20° for one system
  • (hxv) 90°x60° for three vertical arrayed systems
  • high efficient and optimised frequency diving network with HP RMS limiter
  • Audio Bandwidth 45 – 18KHZ, SPL Peak >144dB/1m in vertical array
  • should be operated with DAL Control & Drive System

  • The DAL DS-4M Control & Drive system ensures best linearity and safe operation at high sound pressure level together with system control for different applications