GAE System 6: Compact 2-Way Loudspeaker

Key Features:
Small format - big performance. Passive loudspeaker system for music and speech reproduction. The trapezoidal vented cabinet incorporates a high power N-Dym 6,5" transducer with 1,5-inch voice coil and a 1" HF-Driver with 1,4-inch voice coil on a 90° Radial Horn. The minimum phase crossover design reduces inductive losses without degrading the sensitivity of the system.
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System 6
The System 6 is a passive high performance stage system for mobile use and fixed installations. With a small form factor it provides a radial dispersion of 90°. The smooth frequency and phase response in line with the dispersion characteristic allows many applications including excellent playback only performance.
The rugged enclosure is made from 12mm multiplex and provides four 8mm threaded shafts on one side, top and bottom and two 6mm threads on the bakside. Different installation attachment are applicable. Connectivity is provided by 2 NL4 Connectors.
With its high sensitivity of 91dB SPL 1W/1m the System 6 produces 114dB/1m with 125W.
The acoustical bandwidth is 85Hz - 19KHz ( (-3dB)+/- 2,5dB) with controller) and the phase response within +/-45°.
The non critical impedance response with a minimum 12,4Ohm@243Hz allows the safe operation of multiple System 6 on one channel of a professional grade power amplifier.
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System 6 physical dimensions
The System 6 is a small format sound reinforcement loudspeaker in a slim trapezoidal cabinet design. It is widely known for its sound qualitiy in voice transmission and music reproduction and therefor remarkably accepted in mobile applications and installations.
The System 6N measures 394mmx215mmx220mm (HxBxT) only and different colour options in RAL/NCS tones are available to match interior desing. A special protective front grill with a highly permeable acoustic foam cover is recessed into the baffle design. Differenet mounting acessories for wall-, ceiling- or pole mounting are available and can be ordered colour coordinated.
In addition user specified mounting hardware can be designed and manufactured by GAE.
The musical quality can easy be underlined with a matching sub-/low woofer system like the GAE BR12N extending the performance down to 40Hz.
A variant versions of the System 6 is the System 62, a twin coaxial desing.
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