GAE - Sub- / Low Systems

GAE Sub-/Low Systems as separated modules or buildings blocks allow fullrange loudspeaker systems to maintain small form factors and a certain degree of handling. So without Sub-Low systems most fullrange loudspeaker systems will not transmit a very important part of the musical spectrum and further will not generate appropriate acoustical sound pressure levels for most musical programs. With Sub-Low systems we can create systems with an appropriate low end, at least more fun, emotion and - bass.
With GAE Sub-/Low building blocks we can also design many sorts of arrays ignoring the design rules for fullrange loudspeakers. With different coupling and arraying techniques one can design vertical or horizontal lines, cardioid radiation patterns or spaced arrays with very specific acoustic food prints. Beside our omni systems GAE provides also horn loaded systems like the ETAmax. ETAmax provides high directivity, highest sound pressure level, a unique backward damping and a 30Hz cut off point. In total the most effective way to transmit and steer the lowest one and a half octaves into your audience. Have fun with GAE Sub-/Low systems.
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