Curtain Up for Elegant Maximum Performance.

Monitors have the capacity to sound great – this is proverbial with GAE. Paired with an outstanding performance GAE-monitors ever since belong to the universal instrument of stage engineering. Dressed up in a superior design the monitor becomes the gem of each stage.


GAE ZOOM 12GAE Zoom 12
GAE Zoom 12 Laid-out as low-profile-enclosure the Zoom 12 impresses with optic elegance and extreme potential: curved lines dominate and are carried forward even to the handholds, high performance Neodymium-loudspeakers containing 4’’ voice coils provide boundless acoustic power. The uncompromising active control is brought to perfection by a detailed tuning of the parameters.
The dispersion properties of the Zoom 12 are geared to praxis. A special horn contour achieves a clearly defined listening range, beyond this focus the acoustic pressure declines evenly. Extreme sound level reserves are gained by the application of 4’’ voice coils in the low and high frequency range, breaking way to the highest performance. Especially strong Neodymium magnets and optimized controller parameters for an ideal adjustment of the loudspeakers provide for an excellent dynamic. The construction specialties of the 12’’ chassis allow a simple equalization.

The extremely small enclosure is easy to be carried and impresses by a high stability providing the well-known GAE-enclosure qualities. The monitor is offered optionally as right or left version which enables a symmetrical positioning. Threaded flanges offer horizontal mounting by using an optional yoke.


    uncompromising active control
    frequency and time equalization allow a maximum acoustic feedback security and best possible quality of transmission
    towering dispersion-symmetry of the horn in horizontal and vertical direction
    perfect acoustic shift between LF- and HF-driver
    excellent speech clarity
    high power output > 130 dB (1m)
    elegant and compact enclosure-design
    ideal for ambitious monitor-tasks in the high power range